Never underestimate the power of one person.


A New Broadcasting Experiment with the goal to more efficiently use social media to promote cooperative groups of artists while building stronger communities.

It is now more important than ever that we put more power into the hands of the people, and work to build alliances and break down growing mass fear of a doomed future.

For more information or to participate in this experimental broadcasting model please contact us:

 twitter: @communenetwork


COMMUNE NETWORK background story (fiction... or is it?)

It is the days after the end of The American Empire. There is a lot of confusion and mis-information. A lot of people do not even realize the empire is dead. Some defend it with their life. Many know it is over. Time has become a weird twisted space of many living in the past and others imagining a future that hinges on a glamorization of the past. Time has become warped and irrelevant to the present in too many ways as it does with time travelers who spend too much time away from their proper time and space.

Elite groups still run the world from their urban centers. The vast lands outside of these cities are for the most part forgotten by those who rule and are often just exploited for oil, gas or other resources these lands can provide the ruling elite in their cities. 

These urban centers or cities are surrounded and protected by “passive walls”. These walls, though not actual walls at all are very real. News feeds outside of them suggest these cities are places full of crime and unwanted solicitation. Bridges and tunnels into these meccas are also tolled extremely high for anyone not living inside the city proper making travel into them only possible by public transit which is limited, poorly run and controlled to limit visitors to the cities. Though invisible, these walls are real and keep the masses struggling outside of the cities. 

Regulations on environmental emissions, dumping and everything else have been lifted freeing the corporation of many costly operation expenses built to keep the open land clean and healthy. The EPA is wiped out and the open natural spaces of America are becoming toxic for the people living there. 

Water is extremely scarce as too much of the water tables are poisoned by fracking, dumping and pipeline spills. 

Traveling between America and other nations is almost completely shut down. Traveling visas are only approved through corporate sponsors endorsing the trip for specific goals the corporations must define for government approval. 

The UN was pushed out of New York City and the USA moving to Europe due to dramatic differences that were not reconcilable. The UN building was taken over by Homeland Security and is now called the CU Building. The CU started as mere legislation defining Corporations as persons. The CU (Citizens United) took over the UN building rebranded itself to sound like it is there for the people. The CU, however, now strokes the egos of the American Corporations as it does their bidding only anymore.  

The greatest power of the CU now is social conditioning and brainwashing. A sort of Ministry of Information and Nationalism.They serve the role/image of being there for the people but instead creates a global narrative adding to the invisible “passive walls” and creating a corporate campaign of the good and strength and safety of the corporate state. “We are strong, but only as one”

Now, even with the relentless conditioning, many of the masses know there is something wrong. They are beginning to distrust the media and leaders and hostility is growing amongst many. The CU and the media conditioning is working overtime to make the dissenters look like spoiled kids who do not understand realities and need to wake up. Even the major political party that had been known for decades to be the one looking out for the people is now playing into the same corporate games as the opposing party. Neither party is willing to take a stand for the people on ways that matter. There seems to be an underlying fear of the complete collapse of the USA economy. 

In the turmoil, a massacre ensued in Bowling Green, Kentucky started by factory workers at the GM Corvette factory when new robots were about to take 2/3 of the only jobs that remain there building Corvettes. Now this angry mob travels around the country fighting in Corvettes and has cut off the worlds supply of Fruit Of The Loom underwear until their demands are met. Their demands are to collect all robots across the USA and dump them into the deepest part of the ocean. Others realizing this is impractical and that robots are not the enemies have started a counter-media guerrilla marketing group teaching more and more to design and communicate better using every guerrilla marketing tactic available. This is serving well to help the resistors to stand firm many of whom are only PR reps and gaining art directors and media outsiders.

Additionally, in this wasteland, DIY instructors are helping this new world figure out how to clean up the mess everywhere and live and design their world around the scraps and remains of a past world and industrial age. Many of these new creators of this new world create fun and whimsy to take the weight off the strain of living in this world at this stage. There is a growing sense that even the mighty corporations are not really in complete control as everything is becoming more accessible for everyone and dissent is growing. There is a chaos in the air. 

A pirate broadcasting group of creatives called Commune Network start sending out messages reaching broader bases through a social media herding process that their founder came up with. Educating the masses on media, design & visual communication became necessary to both broadcast mass messages but to also cut through the misinformation and lies while empowering Guerrilla Media groups and individuals. 

Steering the masses from the corporate world was rough but the momentum is growing and the freedom is being felt. The entire planet and all its inhabitants are in transition. Transition is stimulating greater interest in freeing the earth from corporate rule. The tighter the corporations grip the masses the more they keep losing. I have worked hard inside the corporate strongholds and I'm working even harder to enlighten the masses to be prepared for what is to come. I have seen where this is headed. We can win this and more and more of the masses with entrepreneur hearts are rising up. In the worst of times we are witnessing some of the best rising up. 

I have seen where this is headed because I have also been and am and will be a time traveler. I have worked with groups to build machines and devices from what we can collect in the rustbelt region to make life better. One such machine made it possible to open and travel time portals. Dimensional worm holes. As a result, I have come from and enjoy parts of the past and spent significant amounts of time in the future. I do know what's coming. 

I am the creator of The Time Machine. Its the only one of its kind and I am its sole pilot. I am A Time Traveler. 

Time travel has had its ill effects however. After too much of it, you lose perception of what time you exist in at all. Seeing time all at once: the past, future and the present. You begin to exist in al times at all times. Without regular clock or watch checking, you never know when you are. The past, the future and everything around us is morphing in ways that most have yet to all fully realize. 

It all begins when it ends.