Never underestimate the power of one person.


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I am not sure if there is a subject I have not covered in my experience or an audience I have not created for. In all that I do, I am deft with concept building, shoots, leading and directing my team, teaching and inspiring them.

I am experienced with almost every area of print design including technical processes along the way including format & template building, type styling and color correction. Now with the digital arenas growing I've built and designed tablet templates and am beginning my first development of apps. My vision and growth into film/video is now growing fast as I have been creator and executive producer on 6 segments of a show I also host and conceived of. 

My publishing work has been awarded with a Silver Pearl Award for best overall design, several Magnum Opus Awards, and a couple SPD Merit Awards, not to mention a list of Editors, Photo Directors, Photographers and Illustrators who would highly recommend me and work with me in a heartbeat. 

My film and video work is only just getting up to speed. Myself and my team have completed 6 segments of a show I host that revolves around my own furniture and design and are collaborating on a couple other ideas now too. Awards are coming. I assure you. 

My furniture and lighting work has been a terrific journey of self exploration and determination that has received press and celebration around the world. And I am thrilled that I have been included in Time Magazines "Green Design 100"

I have been doing this for almost 30 years now and am always excited for the next "thing" and the new platforms or mediums. Always EYES FORWARD, next horizon. Does that include you?